Yes-Pro Media Company was founded by film and TV director Aleksandar Mandić in 2001. Our mission is to produce electronic and theatrical programs for socially responsible projects and campaigns with the most creative and original methods in the field.

Our company hosts a team of professionals in all areas of Radio, Television, Film and Theatre. Over the years, we have produced a plethora of significant media and public events. The company has strong experience in designing seminars for journalists in the electronic media; we adapted and donated numbers of outstanding foreign TV programs on culture and education to local TV stations in Serbia. “Our Network” includes more than 40 radio/television stations throughout Serbia with whom we maintain strong relations.

Most often, we produce projects from initial conception to the very end result, and everything in between. Our offices have cutting edge technology and comprehensive equipment to achieve the highest standards in any project. 

Our best references are our clients, all of whom have returned, without a single exception.

We are a big little company.

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