2008. "Faculty of Philosophy"- for Faculty of Philosophy

Celebrating 170 years of Philosophy. The emergence of the Faculty of Philosophy, is closely tied to the emergence of the University of Belgrade, the emergence of which is hard to imagine without Philosophy. Back in 1838, Prince Milos in Kragujevac founded Lyceum, which laid the foundations for higher education in Serbia. A celebration of 170 years of the Faculty of Arts was held on May 18th, 2008 from 14:00-22:00, starting with a rock concert and presentations of all departments of the Faculty. Also in May, "Days of the Faculty of Philosophy, " began as young people of our capital were invited to become familiar with the institution - from its history to all that it offers towards education of young people today. On this occasion, YesPro produced a film about the history of the Faculty of Philosophy. Director of the film: Aleksandar Mandic.

Produced by: Yes-Pro Media Company

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