2004. "The Game of Spirit and Breath" - for the Government of the Republic Serbia

A major solo concert by Bora Dugic in Sava Center on the occasion of 200 years of the modern Serbian state, and 35 years of his artistic career, took place on 27 November 2004 at 20.30. Guests included the most prominent names of our musical scene: Lucian Petrovic, Boki Milosevic, Jovica Petkovic, Misa Mijatovic Jelena Tomasevic and Sonja Perisic. Performances were by the Symphony Orchestra of Radio Television Serbia, Great Folk Orchestra RTS Novi Sad, and the Balkans Winds Ensemble Choir "Collegium Musicum" conducted by Darinka Matic Marovic. Verses on flute were chosen by Ljubomir Simovic as Petar Kralj spoke. The concert was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Serbia, included in the program celebrating the 200th anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising.

Author: Aleksandar Mandic

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