2006. - 2007. "Parliamentary elections" - the Democratic Party

Yes-Pro Media Company, from 03.12.2006 to 18.01.2007, worked with the Election Committee of the Democratic Party under Boris Tadic to campaign for parliamentary elections by providing complete television and media coverage. The campaign for parliamentary elections had begun presenting a Democrat at the Expo Center on 03.12.2006. for which we, with creative contributions by director Aleksandar Mandic for the entire event, provided direct satellite transmission to all Belgrade television and a number of local stations all over Serbia. During the transfer of power, we made a turn in front of the Expo Center to talk to a number of VIPs from the state's cultural and political life. During the campaign we were, with regular reports on daily activity of party candidate and President Boris Tadic, working on the organization and live coverage of rallies in major cities of Serbia for Belgrade and local televisions. We also mounted a short version of the delayed broadcast. During the final of the Convention at the Belgrade Arena 18.01.2007. based on the ideas and scenarios of director Aleksandar Mandic, an hour before the official event, we provided, organized and implemented (using two reporter vehicles) direct involvement and communication with citizens, members of the Democratic Party, politicians, representatives of cultural life - all with five camera points inside and outside the Belgrade Arena, which alternated every 2-3 minutes with switches to the commentator booth, the VIP room, the Hall and VIP entrance to the Belgrade Arena; this was all synchronized with the Agency for International Relations of the Democratic Party. We accompanied and announced the arrival of high guests from abroad who have given support to the Party and its President Boris Tadic. We agreed to provide by satellite direct or delayed footage of the closing of the Convention for all Belgrade and 32 local television stations. During election night, we included several journalists in Belgrade in front of our cameras and local television and live releases followed, along with the atmosphere at the Election Committee.

Media production: YES-PRO Media Company

2004. "Presidential elections" - Boris Tadic, the Democratic Party

Yes-Pro Media Company was responsible for the entire successful television campaign of the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party, Boris Tadic from 06.05. to 27.06 in 2004. We actively participated in forming the basic message of the presidential candidate Boris Tadic. Aleksandar Mandic instigated the slogan "No turning back," which become synonymous with the politics of democracy on the road to Europe among the general public. To track the day's agenda, we provided satellite transmission of election rallies and organized reception pictures on a number of local and Belgrade television stations, which could take direct transfer broadcasting or could occasionally include footage. Daily reports were multiplied and distributed for TV stations that had not been able to import signals. In this way the whole of Serbia was aware of the messages and objectives of the future President. Through our cameras and satellite signals, during election night, we organized a live broadcast of the latest announcement of voting results and included journalists from various television programs, with live pictures from the premises of the Democratic Party headquarters. And of course, we transfered to ultimate images of celebration and victory of Boris Tadic, the first President of the Republic of Serbia from the Democratic Party.

2003. "Parliamentary elections" - Boris Tadic, the Democratic Party

Yes-Pro Media Company, as part of the Election Committee of the Democratic Party, actively participated in the campaign for parliamentary elections by providing journalism, production and technical teams as well as techniques for live broadcasts and post production. We monitored the activities of members of the Democratic Party and its head Boris Tadic in Serbia. We multiplied the daily reports and distributed them to local television and news programs in Belgrade. Creatively, we participated in a live broadcast from the rally for Serbia and achieved the most favorable ratings in the area. Through telecom links we provided direct involvement with the rally from the interior of the evening television news broadcasts from Belgrade. During election night, the audience could watch live communication and situational atmosphere from the Election Committee through our cameras.

2003. "Presidential elections" - Dragoljub Micunovic for the Democratic Party

Yes-Pro Media Company in Belgrade took a very active part in the designing and implementing of the complete media campaign of presidential candidate prof. Dr. Dragoljub Micunovic from 20.10. to 16.11 in 2003. Our reporters and photographers were following prof. Micunovic daily on the road throughout Serbia, capturing eventful moments from his campaign visits and conversations with workers, intellectuals, children, farmers ... on top of these activities, we took notes at night and created short, informative films that were multiplied and distributed to a number of local televisions for their news programs in next mornings' news cycles. In every major city of the Republic of Serbia we organized forums where prof. Micunovic was able to talk to people and hear their concerns and needs. All these discussions were directly passed through their local television stations and those of other cities in that region due to the similarity of problems faced. We directly, through Belgrade television, broadcast the final convention at the Sava Center in Belgrade. During election night, we invited a number of journalists in front of our cameras to join the news program for their home television and watch the latest publication of voting results.

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