Голи живот - 2020

Bare Life - 2020

2020. Bare Life - Danilo Kiš - Aleksandar Mandić Kiš’s last work The impetus for the serial Bare Life began in Israel in 1986. Danilo was a guest of the Van Lear Institute, where he met Eva Nahir and Zeni Lebl, two Serbian Jewish women. Both believed...
Колиба сећања - 2011

Memory Chalet - 2011

TONY JUDT graduated from Kings College in Cambridge, attended " École normale supérieure" in Paris, and was a professor at Cambridge, Oxford, and Berkeley. In 1995, he founded...
Мера за меру - 2014.

Measure for Measure - 2014

Aleksandar Mandic - Measure for Measure In Aleksandar Mandic’s book Measure for Measure are assembled columns from a variety of journals, papers, platforms and occasions, including from his renowned weekly column in Politika’s “Kulturni Dodatak.” ...

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