Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts

The Managing Board and Presidency of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences adopted Aleksandar Mandic’s proposal to form a collection of auto-portraits of all current Academy members. This project was initiated in 2019 and more than half of the members can now be seen on the Academy’s website...
„Интервју Чомски”

"Interview with Noam Chomsky"

2006.   „Интервју са Ноамом Чомским” – аутор Данило Мандић Ноам Чумски Ноама Чомског, чувеног лингвисту, политичког аналитичара, филозофа и активисту, је „Њујорк Тајмс“ назвао „несумњиво најважнијим живим интелектуалцем  данас“....


„Џанг Јимоува 2008“

"Djang Jimo’s 2008"

2011. "Djang Jimo’s 2008" YES-PRO Productions in 2010 recorded for Serbian viewership the series Djang Jimo’s 2008, a series of eight episodes...


2011. Film dedicated to the process of regional cooperation in resolving the refugee problem - for UNHCR In Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, 2011. more than 73,000 refugees live below the poverty line, and estimates show that for...




2005 - "Tolerance” – CARITAS ITALIANA A series of thirteen episodes aired on TV Studio B in 2005. Content ranged from the most general issues of tolerance in society, only to be thematically focused gradually towards issues of acceptance of mental patients ...


2011. "Return" - for UNHCR 15-minute weekly informational magazine-show, dedicated to the fate of refugeed and internally displaced persons from Kosovo and Metohija. Every week on the second channel of RTS at noon. Return 2011...

Public Events

„Филозофски факултет”

"Faculty of Philosophy"

2008. "Faculty of Philosophy"- for Faculty of Philosophy Celebrating 170 years of Philosophy. The emergence of the Faculty of Philosophy, is closely tied to the emergence of the University of Belgrade, the emergence of which is hard to imagine without ..
„Дочек 2008. и 2009. године.”

„New Year's Eve 2008. and 2009.“

2008. „New Year's Eve 2009.“- Belef and the Belgrade City Hall Twenty thousands Belgraders and their guests welcomed the New Year in front of the National Assembly of Serbia with fireworks and the music of Goran Bregovic and his Orchestra...


„Рома CARDS”


2008. - 2009. "Roma CARDS - for UNHCR Yes Pro Media Company, from May 2008 until today, has participated in the CARDS Roma project dedicated to the Roma population in Serbia, as part of the "Roma Decade" in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs...
„Лепша Србија”

"Beautiful Serbia"

2004. - 2005. "Beautiful Serbia" - for UNDP The Development Programme of the United Nations and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy launched in 2004 the "Beautiful Serbia" project. By training and retraining unemployed ...




28. and 29.07. 2018: Mozart’s Don Giovanni in Kombank Arena. Don Giovanni inspired the American association GIPAC and artistic partners from Kombank Arena to stage the legend this summer on the stage of a renewed cinematic, concert...
„Игра духа и даха”

"The Game of Spirit and Breath"

2004. "The Game of Spirit and Breath" - for the Government of the Republic Serbia A major solo concert by Bora Dugic in Sava Center on the occasion of 200 years of the modern Serbian state, and 35 years of his artistic career, took place on 27 November 2004 at 20.30. Guests included the ...


„Част је наша имовина”

"Honor is our Property"

2010. "Honor is our Property" - for Ministry of Defense, Republic of Serbia Celebrating 160 years of the Military Academy at the Yugoslav Drama Theatre, "Honor is our Property" by Aleksandar Mandic was held on the 18th of March, 2010, and contains eleven feature...
„Мемоари Проте”

Memoirs of Prota"

2004. "Memoirs of Prota Mateja Nenadovića" - the Serbian Government Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Committee to Celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Serbian state, Yes Pro reactualized the famous theater piece "Memoirs of Prota Mateja Nenadovića," with a performance...

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