2011. "Djang Jimo’s 2008"

YES-PRO Productions in 2010 recorded for Serbian viewership the series Djang Jimo’s 2008, a series of eight episodes of twenty-seven minutes each on the preparations for the Olympic opening ceeremony in Beijing in 2008. The episodes are subtitled in Serbian and fulfill the technical norms for professional broadcasting.

The series follows China’s most famous director, Djang Jimo, over a three year period – from the directive that he will be the creator of the Olympics up until the opening itself. Beside being a thrilling documentary testimonial to the creative process whose breadth, scale and responsibility are unprecedented in the history of media, the series also offers a glimpse into Chinese society, the functioning of its politics, state structure, cultural industry, artists, and even its military. An outstanding series about a splendid undertaking that enables an up-close look at modern China.

Djang Jimo’s 2008 was broadcast in January 2011 on the Radio Televizija Srbija (RTS) channel 2.

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