2005. "Beautiful Serbia" - UNDP

In the press room of the Serbian Government, on March 18th 2005, we organized a presentation of the second phase of the "Beautiful Serbia" project, in partnership with the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Policy and its head Slobodan Lalovic, as well as representatives of the United Nations Development Programme, and representatives of embassies and potential donors. The project "Beautiful Serbia" is for retraining and training of disadvantaged persons.

Author and director of the program: Aleksandar Mandic

Producer: YES-PRO Media Company

2004 "Beautiful Serbia" - Works started in Zemun for UNDP, grants the Republic of Austria

In Zemun, November 19, 2004. in Gospodska Street, we organized a small event for the citizens of Zemun, marking the works on three facades with the participation of representatives of the Belgrade City Assembly and the Austrian ambassador whose government funded this part of the project. In addition to serving, music and sharing advertising material, we attracted the attention of citizens and journalists who reported on this event through the print and electronic media.

The organizations, Yes-Pro Media Company.

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