2004. "If Serbia stops ..." - a cult film about Dr. Zoran Djindjic

In the spring of 2002, Serbian Prime Minister Dr. Zoran Djindjic visited all major cities in Serbia and, in meetings with citizens, talked about his views, their concerns and the position of Serbia overall. From the documentary materials we made this half-hour program, an exciting collage reflecting the energetic prime minister's own personality. This film was made to mark the first anniversary of the assassination of the Prime Minister on the 12th of March 2004. Soon thereafter, a spontaneous grassroots movement called "Copy & Get It!" spread across the country and beyond - consisting of young adults whose goal is to pursue Djindjic's vision of Serbia, the movement spread the film far and wide through DVD distribution and the internet.

Film by Aleksandar Mandic

You can watch the film on our YouTube channel.

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