2003. "Pictures from Kosovo" - for UMCOR

Documentary series exploring life in Serbian enclaves in Kosovo. Under the auspices of international organizations within UMCOR, we broadcast a series of twelve 15-minute shows called "Pictures from Kosovo" in 2003. Our reporters and photographers become intimate with crucial aspects of Kosovo reality, life of Serbs and other minorities in Kosovo. The struggles for survival, for establishing new standards in political, ethnic and religious domains, and for territory in Kosovo's terrain, are shown in cutting-edge documentary format. Each show includes KFOR-assisted visits by our team to one of the following locations: Pristina, Gnjilane, Silovo, Grace, Grayling. Through interviews with residents of all nationalities, representatives of local authorities and the international administration, we recorded the changes in these areas with an emphasis on the conditions for returning. The series is broadcast weekly on TV Yu-Info, TV-5 Nis andVranje TV.

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